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Nar anon literature online

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The realization that we are powerless over this disease frees us from a misguided sense of responsibility towards the addict. We ask for the courage and wisdom to see things as they really are and the honesty nar anon literature online willingness to do something about ourselves caught brother jacking the help of a Higher Power.

Then, and only then, can we begin to be of any help to ourselves and our loved ones. The purpose of Nar-Anon is for the comfort and care of families and friends whose nar anon literature online have been affected through the use of mind altering substances by a loved one.

The primary aim of Nar-Anon is for nar anon literature online recovery of the families and friends of users whose lives have been subjected to the completely unacceptable behaviour of the user. To come to terms with this trauma and distress helps us in regaining a degree of serenity and happiness.

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A further aim of Nar-Anon is to encourage understanding, caring support and changed attitudes towards the user in an endeavour to nar anon literature online the family situation. The user may see this as positive support and it may possibly contribute towards his or her recovery.

The only requirement is that your life has been affected by the drug use of another person. Thank you!

The page book is available via our office. The price nar anon literature online available on request. We encourage everyone who find value in these daily words of inspiration, to support our fellowship by purchasing the complete book.

Nar anon literature online

We will post to any address in South Africa. Our Literature Department will process your request, make contact with the necessary payment details and arrange for delivery to an address of your choice.

By listening to others share, I was reminded litfrature my own childhood abuse, which started in grade school. I realized that the abuse I suffered as a child affected my adult relationships.

It also played a part in how I dealt with the addicts in my life. I had learned to be a victim.

I had been abused since I was five years old, physically, emotionally and mentally. I do not make a choice whether it is or is not in my best interest to stand my ground.

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I react without thought, run in fear and then wallow in pain and desperation for days. Nar-Anon helps me heal.

The more I practice my program, come to meetings, apply the steps to my problems, share and listen, the smoother my transition from fear to faith. I am becoming a stronger, healthier person and can now carry the message to.

The more I pray, meditate and ask for guidance, the more I receive the help I need. Thought for Today: These Steps have helped many in similar circumstances nar anon literature online how to stop being victims and take responsibility for the part of their lives they can and should manage, indianapolis married looking finding ways ahon stop being hurt by those parts they cannot, or should not, control.

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