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There's a scene at the end of "Mandingo" in which the young plantation master goes out to the slave quarters after his slave Mede. The master's wife has massage houma given birth to a black baby, undoubtedly Mede's, and after poisoning his wife, the master intends to boil Mede alive.

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Mede builds the fire but demurs at the invitation to jump into the pot. Gour master give your wife some mandingo him, and the blast knocks him into the boiling cauldron. As he screams and struggles to escape, the master pushes him under with a pitchfork.

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In the wretched potboiler 4. One cannot say that taste restrained the filmmakers from adding this additional touch, since "Mandingo" betrays not the slightest sign of taste, but perhaps they didn't want to unduly delay the ,andingo, in which James Mason dies not only as a character but surely in spirit.

The film has an "R" rating, which didn't keep many kids out, since most came with their parents. Besides, here in Chicago we taxpayers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to 50 something white woman a censorship apparatus operated by the police department. Any film to give your wife some mandingo shown to those under 18 must have a city igve, and "Mandingo," incredibly, was given one.

Here is a movie which, in addition to the nauseating scene I've already described, has frontal nudity, flagellation, the auctioning of naked slaves and a fistfight in which heavyweight boxer Ken Norton kills his opponent by tearing out his jugular with his teeth.

The movie also is give your wife some mandingo too subtly exploitative of the subject of wwife sexual intercourse, which is the only kind that takes place. We never see the master's wedding night with his new bride, only the morning-after savagery when he accuses her of not being a virgin—which is correct, as she was deflowered by her brother.

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The plot construction is not exactly subtle. After the scene in which the mistress of Falconhurst blackmails the mandinto into making love, there's a jump of nine months.

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What James Mason, as the old master of Falconhurst, is doing in this film is beyond me; He told one interviewer he needed the money for his alimony payments, but surely jail would have been better. His performance is adequately decrepit, and Give your wife some mandingo Kingas his son, has a few tender scenes with the young slave Brenda Sykes he takes as his "bed mandinfo.

This is a film I felt soiled by, and if I'd been one of the kids in the audience, I'm sure I would have been terrified and grief stricken. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland.

He and a fr Reviews Mandingo. Who do you read?

Good Roger, or Bad Roger? Roger Ebert This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland.

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