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Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl Seeking Real Dating

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Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl

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I felt disrecpected by that girl by insinuating that I lied, after giving me my exact change she kept on gas station at Martinique and lake black girl and getting loud so I told her she needs to check her attitude she doesn't know how to deal with customers, the other guy just stood there while he let her act a fool ScammingSign says one price, pump says.

A microscopic sign on the pump says you must use debit card to receive discount. Full price must be displayed on sign. Royal massage johns creek are Martonique, but nothing has been done to correct. 28 w male eeking woman correct this or put these people out of business.

When we got home it was flat, my husband looked at lske experation date We didn't think much of it, and went about our gas station at Martinique and lake black girl. Two weeks later I had my husband stattion to the BP again to get the same drink.

They were still putting the expired pepsi on the shelves. My husband asked if they statin go in back and get a new one. They were kind enough to do so.

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My husband asked what they were going to do with the expired pepsi, because he assumed they would stop selling it. They said they had to send it back to the manufacturer. Well, I had my husband go back to the BP yesterday. And guess what My husband asked if he could get a new one from the back, and he said that they didn't have any!

I think someone should look into this Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl see they have no complaint department horny wife chat Dallas time. I don't know why people have to be so rude. If I am served by a smiling face, I leave the store far mor elikely to return, even if there was a problem with the service. Incidentally turbojoys, you were probably paying far more than you needed to for your calling card.

Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl I Seeking Dating

I make a lot of international calls and use www. Hope statiln helps. I would like to know how thes people can get away with. The police said there was nothing they could do, that I need to take it up with the owner.

This is wrong and I will never ever go to another BP gas station Martinlque. The owner was very rude and nasty. Told me to gas station at Martinique and lake black girl whomm ever because I wasn't getting any money.

Does anyone know the contact info for filing a complaint against a station in Delaware? In sation UK it seems they have office to file complaints all over the place, none in America, what the hell? My story short formI stopped at this station, 5 blocks away from the train station for a soda to take my medication.

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Taking mass-transit, I had my leather back pack small with my valuables in it. I walked in and got half back to the soda case when the owner call to me from gas station at Martinique and lake black girl register to tell me I couldn't take my backpack in the store.

NP, so I walked back to the register and asked him to hold onto it while I got my "stuff". He refused to hold it behind the counter for me, instead insisting I leave it by the door, unattained. I tried to question how this offers no protection for my valuables and the "owner" yelled at me that " I had no right to question his policy in "his" store".

A policy, which I might ad isn't posted in any windows in front of the store I checked again today. Any suggestions or ideas? The 30 odd workers at my place of employment 8 blocks away have all agreed to boycott this station. oake

Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl

The bp gas driver who delievers the gasoline flipped out at a towermart when he seen me go to lite a ciggerette sitting in the truck. This guy called me names was screaming call the cops, was totally outline i could not believe it. He was trying to fight me and calling me a prositute. Yesterday i saw him screaming at gas station at Martinique and lake black girl black girl who was panhandling at the same towermart and he was sreaming at her he was going to call the cops because she was asking customers for money.

I f i would of known and thought it was bp i really would of torn into. I mean who r they to say anything they should be boycotted. Talk about some bad business practices but hey look what they are doing in the gulf what could i expect.

Bridget a [protected] yahoo. I stopped in the store to grab me and my bf a couple drinks. The store clerk Martunique nowhere to be. We waited about 5 or 6 lakd. The assistant manager finally comes back from the office. I also was getting cigarettes when I realized I didn't have my ID on me. So my bf comes in to see what was going onhe was going to pay for the stuff when the manager decides to lske a cocky gas station at Martinique and lake black girl and says well I need to see your ID.

He shows the manager his ID but asked what took him so long to get. The manager then refused to let us pay for our stuff and says "get the hell out of my sore I don't have to sale you anything" I was shocked cause I work at a gas station and I know we can't refuse a customer and cursing would be automatic determination.

I would just like for something to be done cause me and my statioh are regular customers. Store roadrunner landrum sc. Eventually, the owner whom you gave bulilding and gas station to, did not clean parking lot. The parking lot was completely slippery. When i pulled in parking lot, my car statoon straight into big pile of snow, also when i finally got to pump, got out of my car to pump sfation gas, i slipped ride on parking lot.

No one took care pump area hannafords Bognor Regis married adult horneys guy parking lot. This gas station is completely mess. The owner didn't bother cleaning or putting snow on parking or pump area.

When i went inside building to prepay for gas, employee gave me gas station at Martinique and lake black girl altitude instead apologize. He said snow guy gas station at Martinique and lake black girl care of parking already and Blak my shoes fault, where i was wearing regular skechers.

I get my gas at this location all the time for all of my four cars but, i'm never going to shop at gas station at Martinique and lake black girl gas station again because of bad ownership att nasty altitude.

This 53yo male looking to chat need major improvement. I wouldn't stop at this gas station never ever again where employee gives cutomer nasty altitude blaim them blacj it's their fault not having parking cleanned.

I think owner is really cheap and didn't wanted spend money clean parking lot and gas station. This is gas station at Martinique and lake black girl shameful and losing reputation of their business and so does BP Company. Josephine, by asking the man at the counter. He was surly toward me; and as luck would have it, Josephine was standing right behind him; and in a raised voice said "What do YOU want?

The gqs behind the counter smirked some more and said after what "i" did, my complaint would be useless. Voice raised so high that i can safely call it yelling.

gas station at Martinique and lake black girl

Customers in gas stations or any store in the retail business expect to be treated with respect; and they treat the employees with respect. Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl would not stop shouting; even as i Martiique walking lakd the door. I went to a BP gas station to get a coffee Tuesday June 28 at roughly 9pm, and I accidentally spilled a dribble of hot cocoa as I was filling my horny Harrisonburg women cup.

The employee was hovering over my shoulder watching me. If you have gas station at Martinique and lake black girl had anyone watch you and felt them practically breathing hostility on you, then you will understand what i am talking about. I pushed the button to stop filling my cup and tried to move away but she blocked me and in an antagonistic and very loud I was the only customer in the store voice said Would I mind waiting until the machine has stopped att because she just cleaned up.

I Am Wanting Dating Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl

It was a demand. I offered to clean up the "mess" was the last drops of the hot chocolate had dribbled from the cappuccino machine but before Gas station at Martinique and lake black girl could even finish, she yelled she was yelling throughout the entire episode "I don't need no HELP from YOU, " and if looks could kill, I would be one sick woman right. I asked if she had a problem with me; she was rude to me the one other time I had gone in.

Have I mentioned I was the only customer in the store?

As far as I know, the whole place contained only her, the man behind the counter watching, and me. She went nuclear. She was yelling, she would not stop yelling at me and I asked her to stop and calm down; I tried to mention that Martonique had worked in a gas station before, and even though I knew it was part of her job to clean gas station at Martinique and lake black girl the counter and in truth, lame about a tablespoonful had spilled inside the metal grating I offered to clean it up; she got so enraged so FAST it scared me.

I said "You have a very escort milwaukee wisconsin employee. I wish I hadn't paid for the coffee.

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I wish I had just left but I was trying to hold onto my dignity and it's hard to think when a crazy woman is screaming at you. On Thursday, I went. The same man was behind the counter. This time there stztion a few other people in the place. I asked for the name of the woman who was working on Tuesday when all Hell broke loose.

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She was standing behind. I hadn't seen her so she must have stepped out from behind time wasting chat when she heard me ask.

The man behind the counter said "What do YOU want? The man behind the counter smirked and said "Just drop it.

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