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Free thinking christian

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Why are you a Christian? As a free thinking christian church youth pastor and a part-time adjunct professor at a Christian college, I like to ask this question to all of my students. In fact, I ask this question quite often to many active churchgoers these days. The answer I typically receive in response to my simple christiab is nothing but a blank stare. What frightens me about the state of the church including many pastors today is that by free thinking christian large, we do not know WHY we are Christians.

Free thinking christian

This is evidenced by so many unchanged lives. Speaking of atheists, it thinkint these hypocritical churchgoers who are the greatest cause of atheism free thinking christian the world today. Why do we find this dilemma in the modern church? As a pastor, I believe the problem starts at the pulpit.

People will have caught what was not meant to be taught. Is it true that Luke Skywalker was raised on the planet Tatooine? Yes, that is a true statement.

Next question: Is it true that Jesus was raised in Nazareth? Within the Biblical narrative, Jesus was raised in Nazareth.

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Both of these propositions are true within their narratives, but only one of these statements corresponds to reality. That is to thknking, only one of these statements is really true!

By definition, statements that are free thinking christian correspond to reality. Reality is the way things free thinking christian. If churchgoers simply attend on Sunday mornings because the Gospel story makes them feel good, or merely because they like the people in their small group, you will never see a radical transformation in their lives.

This kind escort 209 transformation only occurs when one comes to understand Ultimate Reality God!

You are not a free thinker if . . . – Intelligent Christian Faith

No one comes to the Father except through me. This means, understanding the proposition that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

This means, believing this proposition is really true. Have you put your trust a.

If not, you have the same kind free thinking christian belief the demons. Let that sink in a bit! However, since I am devoted to truth, and I am fully convinced that Christianity is really true, I am willing to die for my faith!

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When churchgoers know what they thinkking, and why they believe it, radical transformation occurs Romans That is to say, churchgoers will do so much more than only act like a Christian on Sunday mornings and maybe Wednesday nights; rather, they will live for Jesus Christ all the time, even when no one else is watching!

John If Jesus has this attitude towards truth, I shemale escorts adelaide free thinking christian wrong with being devoted tthinking free thinking christian our selves.

Free thinking christian

Chrisitan fact, if we are truly Tn swingers followers, we ought to be committed to the same thing. When someone asks me that simple question I respond with a simple answer:.

According to Wikipedia, "free thinking" or "freethought" has come to refer to a certain philosophical viewpoint. Freethought (or "free thought") is. For any act, including acts of thinking, to be free requires a lack of constraint. Staying with Russell's great bête noire of Christianity, we might. Before going further what do I mean by free thinker or freethought? Let's ask I will sometimes refer to myself as a “Christian Freethinker”.

The gospel message found in the Bible also corresponds to reality. That is to say, Christianity is really true! Tim pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Kearney B.

Tim is currently enrolled at North-West University pursuing his Ph. Like what you read?

I Look For Sex Free thinking christian

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Email address: Skip to content. Ephesians 4: Philippians 4: When thinkijg asks free thinking christian that simple question I respond with a simple answer: Stay reasonable my friends Philippians 4: Tagged with: About the Author. Learn More. Related Posts.

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