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In the MWC 2017 HMD simply Revived the famous Nokia 3310

Written by on Monday, February 27, 2017 | Last Update on 2/27/2017
Indestructible, nuclear bomb proof and immortal Nokia 3310 that has a cult following everywhere the planet, was a hit back within the days. Nokia sold-out 126 million units in total. So, everybody who have seen the development of mobiles remember the ever so durable 3310. The nostalgia is immense in both old and young. Now nokia is attempting to cash in on all the nostalgia. The handset is meant to be priced at €59 (around 6000 taka), where you'll be able to get a basic droid with its MRP.

In the MWC 2017 HMD simply Revived the famous Nokia 3310

The re make 3310 will have broadly the same style however will be lighter and slimmer. The new edition is 12.8 millimeter thick and weights 79.6 grams, as opposed to 22 millimeter and 133 grams to the previous Nokia 3310. Latest Nokia 3310 will come in completely different colors. It gets a camera and a 240x340 pixel 2.4 inch color screen. However, the 3310 will remain a feature mobile phone as nokia series 30+ (plus) os has been used. The users will be able to surf the online via the opera mini browser through 2.5G connectivity.

Most important of all you’ll get one month stand by time with 22 hours talk time. It additionally has the ever so spirited Snake Game (the legendary and popular game we all grew up playing) and Nokia ringtone. HMD is aware of it will not be able to beat all the Droids or iPhones with this tiny baby however the higher ups in the company understand that Nokia 3310 reminds us of Nokia the king of the mobile world is back within the days. Collected from source.
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